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Links to My Favorite Motorcycle DIY articles and Information.

Most tips and DIYs work on all bikes regardless of the make they were written for. Also sure to visit the Automobile DIY Page. Near the bottom of the page there are many Paint, Polishing, Plating and other links of interest.

 Nation Wide Motorcycle Search. Craigslist and eBay

 Aluminum Polishing from

Asian bike part number lookup or cross reference part number to model/year at MotoGrid

Bike Tool Humor lifted from TL125 homepage

Carburetor Synchronizer on the cheap.

Better Carburetor synchronizer. Wont suck fluid into your engine!

Custom spokes. Designed for bikes but should work on any spokes

Dans Motorcycle repair site

Dans online motorcycle repair course Great stuff

Electronic Tachometer Adapter. Simple To Make!

Gauge Cluster Restoring. Good Info

Electric motorcycle conversion

Harley Davidson wiring diagrams

Honda CB750C, K, LTD and I suspect F color wiring diagram

Honda CB750K/C/F 1979-1982 Service Manual

Honda CB900C/F 1980-1982 Service Manual

Honda CB1100F 1983 Service Manual

Honda 30A Fuse Replacement

Honda Manuals

Honda Regulator/Rectifier. Build It Yourself!

Honda wiring diagrams (Cars too. Sorry but they share the name)

Kawasaki wiring diagrams

Keihin Idle Jet Cleaning. PDF technical tips

LED Voltmeter for all bikes. See in video section!   Zip File

Lous GPZ Site. Lots of good stuff for all bikes like HEI ignition conversion, regulators etc.

Motorcycle Manuals online.

MRCycles. Printable OEM databases for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki. Great exploded views for reassembly.

NGK spark plug codes. How to read NGK plugs.

Oklahoma motorcycle operators manual

Old Man Honda. Lots of Great Info. and Wiring Diagrams

Polishing Aluminum Rims

Polishing Stainless Steel and Aluminum by Richard Widman. Excellent Article.

Soda Blaster DIY! Made for small aluminum parts but can do entire engine.

Suzuki Wiring Diagrams

Used motorcycle buyers guide. Read before buying!

Yamaha wiring diagrams